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About the smart energy meter

Yes, to use the dongle you need a smart meter. You get this free of charge from the network operator. If you do not yet have a smart meter, you can request one from your network operator. Please note: if you request a smart meter, there are costs involved. The level of the costs differs per network operator.

Everyone in the Netherlands receives a smart meter from their grid operator free of charge. The gauges are white and have a digital display. Learn more about the smart meter.
If your smart meter is replaced, connect the dongle directly to your new meter.

Yes you can! For this you can use this P1 port splitter. Note: Not all P1 port splitters are suitable for properly distributing the signal, we can only guarantee that it will work with the splitter in our Bol.com webshop.

To use the P1 port splitter, connect the dongle to the ‘Slave’ port of the splitter, the other device can be connected to the ‘Other’ port. With a splitter, the dongle always needs power to a socket, so also order this adapter if you don’t have a suitable adapter at home.

No, the dongle works independently of your energy supplier. It does not matter which supplier you are with. Intermediate switching of energy supplier is also no problem!

About the dongle

1/ A smart energy meter, which you get free of charge from your grid operator.

2/ A smartphone to use the Dongle Connect app.

3/ WiFi (up to the meter cupboard): so that the data from your smart meter can be sent to the app.

4/ An activation receipt from your supplier.

You can do this very easily via the Dongle Connect app. Follow the steps on the homepage and your dongle will be connected within 2 minutes .

You can see this by the serial number under (or next to) the barcode. See the page about smart meters for more information.
The dongle lets you know via the light whether everything is going well or whether something is wrong. Check your color at dongle-connect.com/colors.
If this is a micro USB adapter of ‘5V=1000mA’ is possible. Then use your own micro-USB adapter. That’s better for the environment, and your wallet 🙂
The dongle sends the data from your smart meter securely via our software system to your supplier’s system. For analysis purposes, your data is stored anonymously, so it can never be traced back to you.
All data is collected by the dongle and sent encrypted over a secure connection to the servers.
Then return the dongle to your supplier, or contact us at support@dongle-connect.com so that we can reuse your dongle.

About the Dongle Connect app

The Dongle Connect app can be downloaded for iOS (iPhones) and for phones with Android.

– You get insight into your real-time electricity consumption.

– You get real-time insight into what you return if you have solar panels.

– Your energy data is shared in real time with your supplier.

The Dongle Connect app is continuously being improved. That means that an update is available from time to time. Many people have set their phone to automatically update apps. If that’s the case with you, the latest version will automatically be on your phone. If you have turned off automatic app updates, you will have to go to the App Store or Play Store to download the latest version.

No, with the Dongle Connect app you only see what you feed back to the power grid: this is your generated solar energy that you do not use yourself at the time of generation and therefore feeds back into the power grid.

See this page how to enable the 2.4GHz WiFi network for the most common dual-band routers.


No problem, you solve it by resetting the WiFi on the dongle.

You can do that easily with the Dongle Connect app. Go to the ‘Settings‘ page and click on the link ‘Connect new dongle‘, now go through the steps of the connection process.

No problem, you solve it by resetting the WiFi on the dongle.

You can do that easily with the EARN-E app. Go to the ‘Settings‘ page and click on the link ‘Connect new dongle‘, now go through the steps of the connection process.

You can take the dongle with you and use it at your new address if there is a smart meter.

If there is no smart meter at your new address, request one from your network operator.

If your question is not listed, please contact us at support@dongle-connect.com. Then we solve it together!

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Ask your question at support@dongle-connect.com